Initial experiences

  1. Twincitybi
    My experience in all things bisexual started back in college with sleeping with a girlfriend and her best friend. We had all indulged a little too much and stretched out on her bed. Arms and legs intertwined and before we knew it caressing hands and lips were everywhere. It was a delight that was repeated later with a later friend from work and his wife and my girlfriend. That was years ago but the thought and feeling has never left me of those intimate times and how once you overcome the initial awkwardness body parts are just that and that whether it is a beautiful vagina or a penis the pleasure of giving and receiving is amazing.
  2. Vidlandski1
    Yes, I too, remember threesomes that happened in my youth. Except for me, it was two females and me. So many possibilities. And like you said, whether it is a beautiful wet vagina or a throbbing hard penis, the pleasure of giving and receiving is definitely amazing. It is on my "fuck-it list" to do a mmf. The thought of being under a woman being penetrated by a man on top (doggy style), while I taste her pussy would be such a turn on. As the guy slides out of her, I'd take his cock in my mouth, suck it a few times, and then slide it back into the woman's vagina.
    Also, in my youth, I had the opportunity to film a couple having sex. I can't begin to communicate how erotic it was to witness a couple giving each other pleasure. The views of intimate sex parts, the sounds of urgent moaning, the smells of rampant sex all were such turn-on's. I would love to film something like that again, only with a mmf situation.
    Thank you for reading about my unfulfilled sexual fantasies. Who knows, perhaps some day I might find the right person(s) to do it in real life.
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